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why do I now have a red led that's on continuously on the back of the unit ?

Answer: this shows that your battery has now reached the half way point of its run time


a red led is flashing at the back of the unit

Answer: this shows you are now in the reserve tank and only have about 10-15 minutes of runtime left in your battery


how do i know if my battery is fully charged ?

Answer: the red charging light on the charger will turn green to signify that the battery is fully charged


do i have to wait until the battery is completely drained before recharging it?

Answer: no, with Lithium Ion/Polymer batteries, you can recharge your battery at any time


how do I switch the unit on to strobe mode ?

Answer: click the button twice and press and hold the button down for a few seconds. The button push sequence is therefore; click click hold


why do I have to click three times to turn the unit on ?

Answer: this is an added safety feature so that the unit will not inadvertently come on if its bumped for example.


why does the light keep flashing when I am riding in normal mode ?

Answer: this just shows you are at or past the half way point in your battery runtime.
the light will flash every 60 seconds and repeat this sequence five times. this will also occur when the level is changed or the battery is reconnected to remind you of the battery status.

Lifetime Warranty*

If you register your unit within 30 days of purchase, we will extend your warranty for the lifetime of the unit ! Warranty covers manufacturing defects and workmanship only. Does NOT cover abuse or other damage, for example results of a crash. Modifications to the light or improper use also voids this warranty. We will repair or replace the unit (at our discretion). Lifetime warranty for the head unit is for the original owner.
  • Head unit - 1 Year from invoice date. Register within 1 month of invoice date gives you a Lifetime warranty* !
  • Battery and Charger – 6 months from invoice date.