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Aaron Farlow

Pro Triathlete


Nickname Azza
Hometown/Residence Peak Hill/Canberra
Height 181 cm
Weight 70kg
Favorite food Chocolate, cold rock ice cream, pork crackling
Foods I hate Liquorice
Favorite drinks Coke! Ginger beer, milk


what's it like riding with radical-lights PODDA Great, I love my lights. They are brighter than any other light, reliable and lightweight
goals? Win my first Ironman and 70.3 race
what are you doing to achieve these goals? New coach, new team and lots of training!
when did you begin cycling and why? I grew up on the family farm 10km from town so started with riding out to school
biggest influence? Desire to improve
serious injuries? Just got taken out by a car 3 weeks ago. Broken leg and a few other injuries.
strongest qualities as a racer? Time trials
greatest cycling achievement to date Winning Noumea triathlon twice
worst race or cycling experience Finishing last in my first pro race
describe your favourite course Anything flat!


website/blog http://www.aaronfarlow.com/
twitter http://twitter.com/azzafarlow