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Allison MANN

XC Racer, 2010 USA World Championship Team


Nickname part of "The Mann Show"
Hometown/Residence Murrieta, CA
Height 5 ft 8 inch/ 173 cm
Favorite food Berries, oats, steak, veggies, almond butter
Foods I hate Everything that tastes good that I don't eat because I want to stay lean and healthy!
Favorite drinks Water, tea


what's it like riding with radical-lights PODDA Bright!
The light with well over 1000 lumens out-shines my previous light and works awesome as both a handlebar or helmet mounted light. Great for recreational night-riding or early morning endurance events.
goals this season? Continue to race competitively in XC races in the U.S.
what are you doing to achieve these goals? Dedicated training - which sometimes means riding in the dark!
when did you begin cycling and why? August 2005 my husband and I were looking for ways to get healthier and be more active outdoors, and after seeing Lance win his 7th Tour de France I wanted a bike!
biggest influence? Lance Armstrong, Marla Streb, my husband Justin. Now also Catharine Pendrel
serious injuries? Luckily just scrapes and bruises
strongest qualities as a racer? Climbing
greatest cycling achievement to date Being selected to the USA Elite squad for 2010 Mountain Bike World Championships
worst race or cycling experience Time dulls many aches and pains. I've had some bad days on the bike, but looking back they all seem to be "OK"!
favorite course? Windham, NY, or maybe Fontana and Bonelli in CA. Fontana and Bonelli because I know them really well, and Windham because it was just a fun and challenging course.