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ultra-endurance racer, canada


Nickname D Rock, Dalrock, Dali, salad
Hometown/Residence Calgary Alberta
Height 6 ft  
Weight 185 lbs
Favorite food Moms homemade dinners
Foods I hate Anything with excess packaging
Favorite drinks MyoPlex Shake with banana's


what's it like riding with radical-lights Podda Mk2 Riding with Radical Lights is that feeling of driving a huge jacked up 4x4 truck that can run over anything in its path.
goals for this season? Continue to race Semi-Pro Mountain Bike and Road Cat 1/2.. and work towards my ultimate goal of entering the Race Across America, " the Worlds Toughest Bike Race ".. named by Outside Magazine. I also Volunteer, Organize races and do some Devo Coaching.
what are you doing to achieve these goals? Currently a Student, I do whatever it takes to ensure I can cycle competitively and remain healthy until my schooling is done.
when did you begin cycling and why? 1983 at 8 years old, as a way to get to and from my friends house to play video games. Then discovered the off road adventures that were possible.
biggest influence? High school soccer coach/metal shop teacher who also started our High School Mountain Bike Club.
serious injuries? In 2007 I crashed my mtb while racing and tore my ACL in my right knee, also spraining the MCL and receiving hairline fractures in the bottom of the femur. Had reconstructive surgery in December of that year, and the next April won a 5th in a big USA Road Race.
strongest qualities as a racer? As a racer, I never quit, and am also willing to sacrifice for a Teammate, or if racing Solo, I never quit.
greatest cycling achievement to date First Solo open highway/ camping by bike Tour through the Canadian Rocky Mountains, changed my life forever and reshaped my goals and definition of freedom. Touring, not competitive cycling is still my greatest passion.
worst race or cycling experience Worst race ever was the mountain bike race when I broke my knee, I had 4 really stupid crashes in the first Lap and just thought, "I should just pull out now while I'm ahead" , then the next crash I hurt my knee with an acute hyperextension, essentially bending the knee backwards.
favourite course My favorite Course to date, is the Logan Loop ride in Montana featuring the 'Going to the sun' Road. A 227km round trip road ride. And for mountain bike, it would be the Keystone Standard Basin Trail in Revelstoke B.C. with my buddy Brent.


website/blog www.dalrock.blogspot.com