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Hometown/Residence Canberra, Australia
Height 6 ft 2 inch / 188 cm
Weight 70kg
Favorite food Chocolate
Foods I hate None, endurance racing is really just an eating contest on wheels afterall :)
Favorite drinks Mai Tai's


what's it like riding with radical-lights Podda Mk3 Like having an unfair advantage. The lights are so bright and the balance between the helmet and bar lamps so perfect that my night laps are as fast as my day laps, they literally turn night into day!
goals for this season? Overall Podium at 24 Solo Nationals and the Scott 24hr
what are you doing to achieve these goals? Training hard, every week, all year round
when did you begin cycling and why? In 1999 a mate and I brought $200 hard tails and took them out bush for fun on weekends, the passion for mountain bike grew stronger every year until I started racing in 2008, when it went from being a hobby to a central part of my life.
biggest influence? Mark Fenner
serious injuries? Luckily, no
strongest qualities as a racer? Respect for others and knowing my own abilities and limits
greatest cycling achievement to date Solo 24hr Category World Champion
worst race or cycling experience Running my broken bike the last 20k of the Otway Odyssey