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Jeremiah Bishop

Cannondale Factory Racing


nickname JB
hometown/residence Harrisonburg VA
height 5 ft 11 inch 
weight 153 lbs
favorite food Coffee, chocolate, fresh bread. I am a gourmet chef so I cook and enjoy international foods. Indian, Thai, and Sushi are great.
foods I hate I'll eat anything except licorice
favorite drinks Fresh roasted kona coffee


what's it like riding with radical-lights Podda Mk3Like having a squad car spot light on your handle bar! They are so light you barely notice they are there until you turn them off.
goals for this season? Have fun at every race. Win the USA and World Marathon championships. Defend at Pigah, Transylvania and Breck Epic.
what are you doing to achieve these goals? Focusing on the title race. Doing several focused winter training camps. Staying heathy for the key goals by taking a break after the spring push.
when did you begin cycling and why? The adventure and challenge of tackling the world on two wheels. It's like flying under your own power.
biggest influence? My mentors in the sport. I grew up without a father figure but I had some great riders in our area who liked to share. Dave Weins and Tinker where some of my pro heros and still are, They are really down to earth and true sports that I have the pleasure of being friends with now. Unreal if you told me that 10 years ago!
serious injuries? Broken face, 4 broken bones in my back. T4 T5 and 2 transverse process.
strongest qualities as a racer? I NEVER give up and have a lot of fighting spirit. I have a diverse backround from road mtb and downhill and can contend at very high altitude or at a muddy sea level cyclocross race or a 100 mile race, I can do anything unless it involves a full out sprint. Then I am a scrub, Ha ha ha.
greatest cycling achievement to date USA National Marathon and Short Track Titles in the same year.
worst race or cycling experience La Ruta - Crashing in 2006, breaking my upper jaw and fracturing my skull. I got up, spat out my teeth, then rode very slow to the finish, and could not even ask for an ambulance.
describe your favorite course Steep and technical with a lot of roots and rock and log jumps. PISGAH!


website/blog http://www.jeremiahbishop.com/
twitter http://twitter.com/JeremiahBishop