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Endurance Racer


Nickname The Bickchick
Hometown/Residence Grew up in Canberra, continuing to grow up in Sydney
Height 164 cm
Favorite food Chocolate coated coffee beans. Mmmmm...
Foods I hate Not a fan of anything with legs. (I'm vegequarian)
Favorite drinks Coffee. Water. Fortunately coffee has both of these


what's it like riding with radical-lights CHUTTA
PODDA mk3 It's like the thrill you get from railing your favourite trail in the day, only extra exciting because most people are at home, in bed, dreaming of a life this good!
goals for this season? Finish my PhD thesis on mountain biking as performance. To race regularly at fun events with quality trails and a great atmosphere. To up my fitness with regular and challenging rides with people who inspire me to be a better biker.
what are you doing to achieve these goals? Listening to my body, and riding when it feels good and having a day off when I need a rest. My local bike shop - Bicycle Garage in Lilyfield, Sydney hold regular group road and MTB rides which are so much fun I seem to be getting accidentally fit by just coming along! Riding regularly keeps my brain defragged, which makes study more productive too.
when did you begin cycling and why? I was busting out massive bike sessions at the local gym when I was 16. At the same time, my mum was buying herself a bike and took me to our local bike shop to see if I would fit her new bike as well. The rest, as they say, is history!
biggest influence? I've never ridden behind someone I didn't learn something from.
serious injuries? Cerebral Decompression Sickness after a learn to scuba course slowed me down for about 3 years. I had short term memory troubles and it took me about 4 months to be able to walk down my own street with out getting symptoms.
strongest qualities as a racer? Day/half-day races where a good sense of fun and smart nutrition can keep your final laps as quick as your first ones. Quality lights obviously make a big difference here too!
worst race or cycling experience I wouldn't say worst, but a painful one was the first day of a 6 + 6 hr race that was part of the Aussie 24 Hour Champs in 2009. My hardtail had a seat on it that I didn't realise made trail feedback fairly harsh, I developed a sciatica-type numbness in my right leg, my forks were also seizing and only getting about 40mm of travel. I remember riding along, doing make-shift stretches along the fire roads and thinking "I can't remember ever being in this much pain on a bike before" I got to the end of day one, and some friends who were supporting another rider grabbed my bike and serviced my forks overnight. I covered my arms and legs in Dencorub, did every sciatica stretch I knew and fell asleep, wondering if I would even turn up to the start line of the race the next day. Sunday came and I felt like a new person. I had so much fun smashing around the trails and felt really satisfied to have managed to get through some challenging conditions. And I won! That was pretty good too!
favorite course? Techy, flowy, thrilling and with sweet descents that seem to go on forever!


website/blog www.kathbicknell.wordpress.com