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XC racer, GIANT Australia


Nickname Fishy
Hometown/Residence Melbourne
Height 170 cm
Favorite food Pizza and chocolate
Foods I hate Sultanas, nothing else really
Favorite drinks Red wine and Gin + T


what's it like riding with radical-lights CHUTTA
PODDA Super bright. So good that it feels a touch like cheating
goals for this season? Race as much as possible and try to have fun along the way
what are you doing to achieve these goals? Getting out on the bike 7 days a week
when did you begin cycling and why? Started riding 10 years ago. I was looking for something different and mountain biking looked like a challenge as well as being fun and rewarding
biggest influence? Lots of people along the way. I always recall 'Jimi' anecdotes while I'm riding. Often to remind myself to keep things in perspective and not to take things or myself too seriously
serious injuries? I must have brittle bones because I've broken just about every bone in my body including my back
strongest qualities as a racer? Knowing that I have a memory of a goldfish and any preceding endured pain is obliterated on the downhill
greatest cycling achievement to date Winning the National Series in 2004 and 2005. 2nd and 3rd at the 07 and 08 National Champs. Winning Wildside in 05/06
worst race or cycling experience 2005 World Championships in Livingo
favorite course? Anything at Stromlo. In particular the world champs course. It's a real mountain bikers course