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XC Endurance Racer


Nickname Trudstar, Team Trudy, T-Rude
Hometown/Residence Bundaberg ( first MTB Club, Bundy Bats), residing in Canberra (MTB Mecca)
Height 164 cm
Favorite food Food to live off- spag bog, peanut butter and banana toast, eggs any which way
Foods I hate Most things my mother makes
Favorite drinks Coopers, or whatever he's buying


what's it like riding with radical-lights PODDA I've ridden with an array of lights in my 15 years of MTB riding. I usually prefer to go with no lights then ride with crappy lights. I've become a bit of a snob when it comes to lights since I've used Radical lights. I like to go fast on the single track and I feel super confident with my night vision and know I can push my limits. Fast and Safe definitely come to mind.
goals for this season? For the most, to have fun. Expand on my MTB networks, develop a website for MTB women, do some skills classes and expand on my MTB repertoire to include DH. Get to Ireland for the SS Worlds.
what are you doing to achieve these goals? Mixing up my riding by: Getting out to visit MTB friends in different places, go to local races, maintain a lifestyle balance so I don't get bored. Get my website up and running
when did you begin cycling and why? learned to ride when I was 3 yrs old because that's what you do to get around in a country town. Saw Cathy Watts in the Commonwealth Games and thought I could do that, I had to ride my bike everywhere anyway. Got into MTB riding via a high school boyfriend. Had never heard of MTB before that, but thought the idea of mixing dirt with riding sounded ideal. So I switch my savings money for a road bike to a Diamondback (steel frame). In 1995, at the age of 16 yrs old I started racing DH & XC in the QLD state rounds and never looked back.
biggest influence? Nothing huge, just that reminiscent feeling of the comradeship of my teenage days and the pure joy of the fun of being in the bush with friends. It's what makes me happy
serious injuries? Luckily just scrapes and bruises
strongest qualities as a racer? I like going downhill fast and am not afraid of falling off. I hate being weak and have a major chip on my shoulder. So if I have something to prove to myself watch out. I'm still learning and growing so I will always have something new to give the sport.
greatest cycling achievement to date I suppose, I am supposed to mention a podium! My biggest achievement has been to still be in a sport that has brought me so many good memories, given me so many opportunities to meet awesome people and travel. The fact that I've been doing that for 16 years and still want to race competitively is my greatest achievement.
worst race or cycling experience When I didn't know where 6th place was in the 24 Worlds 2010 and I gave up my 5th spot to the wrong person. Never give up and never have one support person for a 24 hour race, they may need to sleep too.
favorite course? Techy, flowing single track with the right combination of ups and downs. Don't want to be bored, don't want to be complacent and don't want to have to work my arse off for 30 minutes to end up at the bottom of a hill 5 minutes later.


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