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shop Radical lights are designed and built with one goal in mind, to enable one to ride fast! Our lights are built from the ground up, to be robust, lightweight, efficient with long burn times, and above all give you great beams. This is invaluable when racing, especially during 24hr races as your eyes will not tire as easily.

Our lights are raced by the worlds elite racers, and teams, including the current 3 times World Solo 24hr Champion Cory Wallace who has ridden radical-lights to all his wins. We will have more information about our supported teams, individuals, and people behind the scenes who make this all happen. We will also give you an insight into some of the cool bike builds we undertake, engineering solutions we come up with for our racers, and more!


2019 World Solo 24hr Cory Wallace wins another world championship in Brazil, making it 3 in a row!! He powered through the night with the latest radical-lights Podda to press home his advantage.

2018 World Solo 24hr Cory Wallace won a gruelling world championship in Scotland beating a very strong field. Radical-lights turned night into day in diabolical scotish weather!!

2017 World Solo 24hr Cory Wallace pushed his RADICAL advantage through the night to beat 7 times world champion Jason English!

2016 World Solo 24hr Cory Wallace Runner up after an epic battle with 7 times world champion Jason English !

2014 Convict 100: Cory Wallace (Canadian National Champ) WINS! Shaun Lewis 4th. Well done all!!

2014 NZ Nduro 24hr Championships, New Zealand: Karen Foat 2nd Womens with 20 laps after suffering with illness. Amazing effort!

2014 Cairns UCI World Cup: Daniel McConnell 4th, Andrew Blair 28th Elite mens

2014 Willo Enduro: Shaun Lewis wins after being runner up last year in a tight sprint finish. Shaun used that experience to win the sprint finish.

2014 Armidale 12hr: Joel and Riley win the male pairs in a tight finish in armidale

2013 Australian Masters Mountain Biker of the year: Jason McAvoy!! Amazing accolade, rewarded for his huge efforts throughout the year.

2013 World Solo 24hr: Jason McAvoy (40-44) and Garry James (50-54) crowned world solo champs. Cory Wallace 4th overall with some uber fast night laps despite a huge crash early on in the race. Andy Kaye (35-39) 3rd. Great riding by Clayton Locke, Michael Culhane,and others. As Jason states "they (radical lights) were amazing. Lots of lumens is one thing, but having top quality optics to put that light on the ground the best way is another. These lights are perfectly balanced between bar and helmet and don't wash out the ground with a big bright spot so all you see is white. There is perfect definition allowing you to see roots, rocks and the shadows highlight the things you need to watch out for on the trails". Jason 5th overall too!!

2013 Ingkerreke Commercial MTB Enduro: Andy Blair wins stage race! Shaun Lewis won the only night stage in a FAST time virtually identical (1/100 of a second) to his daytime run on the same stage previously!

2013 Convict 100: Shaun Lewis wins!

2013 Mont 24 hr: Congrats to Andy Blair fastest day lap 47.23, Shaun Lewis night lap 49.55!! SMOKIN' Trent Lowe and Ryan Quade with uberfast laps. Very FAST mont24 by Swell/Specialized crew to win overall foursomes.

2013 24hrs at Old Pueblo, USA: Jonathan Davis wins solo 24 hr after an amazing ride at a relentless pace even after a crash. He won from a very strong field including a legend of the sport. Jonathan rode over 300miles! Way to go JD! Young Tanner also completed over 130miles, amazing!

2013 Rocky Trail 100km: Shaun Lewis wins from a very strong field!

2012 Rankings: A fantastic year of racing has our team riders ranked in the top 10 mountain bikers by Cyclenation. Andy Blair, Shaun Lewis and Matt Flemming also at the pointy end. RADICAL!

2012 SRAM STM Race Series: Congrats to Garry James and Jason McAvoy, 1st and 2nd place in Solo Masters.

2012 Kowalski Classic: Garry James, top 5 overall finish (and winning Super Masters by a mile), and Jason McAvoy on 3rd place in Masters at the inaugural Kowalski Classic. Great day out for the radical boys!.

2012 Vapor Trail 125, USA: Huge congrats to Sonya Looney, the only woman to complete the gruelling 125-mile Vapor Trail 125, setting a new women's course record - and 6th overall! Way to go Sonya! Riding at night with 20000ft of climbing and then descending is no mean feat. As they say, bring a spare lung for this race! Sonya raced with radical-lights! WOOT! Pic Sonya Looney at 3am!

2012 Solo 24Hr National Champs, Australia: Jason McAvoy Runner up 6+6, Kath Bicknell, Winner 6+6 Womens, Garry James Winner Masters, Andrew Hall Runner up cat and 4th overall.

2012 MONT24hr, Australia: Radical Lights factory racing, 4th mixed sixers and 10th overall. On board winning womens team and some very fast night laps.

2012 Mountains to Beach: Great win by Jason McAvoy winning the Masters.
This years Mountains to Beach was preceded by a week of some of the biggest rainfall the area had seen in decades, something like 400mm in a few days, it caused widespread flooding in the region and the evacuation of one of the towns the race goes through.
Jason also says "7 minute lead in the Dawn Raid stage, giving me my best finish all week and setting me up with an unbeatable lead for the rest of the week. These lights were an obvious advantage against my rivals, the proof of this pudding is the lap times"

2011 MONT24hr, Australia: mont sixers Rockstar Racing team of Craig Gordon, Shaun Lewis, Troy Glennan, Joshua Carlson win elite mens foursomes. Radical Lights mixed sixers 2nd and 10th overall out of 596 teams!

Craig GORDON lays down FASTEST NIGHT LAP. All 5 of the fastest night laps belonged to riders using the all NEW radical-lights Podda mk3!!

Infact, 10 of the top 13 fastest night laps were ridden with either a radical-lights Podda mk2 or mk3 too!!

fastest night laps - radical

2011 Pan American Champs, Colombia: Jeremiah Bishop, team USA, Silver Medal

2011 ABSA Cape EPIC, South Africa: Shaun Lewis/Pete Hatton 13th place (GC), Niki Fisher/Jenni King 7th place (womens).

2011 Terra Australis: Jason McAvoy/Andrew Hall, Winners Open Men and GC. Huge effort with mechanicals, ad the weather to contend with.

2011 KONA 24hr, OLD PUEBLO, USA: Congrats to Jonathan Davis, solo mens open 2nd and Scott Morris Winner CoEd. Simply sensational, considering the diabolical weather throughout the night with rain and 40mph winds! Mens open fours 2nd place and 10th places (Epic Endurance) also had radical-lights Podda Mk2's on board!

2010 World Solo 24Hr Champs, Australia: Jason McAvoy Winner Solo Cat 35-39, Trudy Nicholas, 6th Elite Womens.

MONT24Hr WIN:Giant Drapac Porsche team of Lachie Norris, Joe Lewis, Stuart Shaw and Michael Phelan Win Open Mens 4's with radical-lights Podda mk2, & RADXL. Wins also for Nic Menager, Brad Morton (Open Men's 6's), Karen Foat (Open Women's 4's), Trudy Nicholas, Bec Parkes (Women's SS pairs), Nick Both (Open Mixed 4's). Trudy Nicholas, Fastest Women's Night Lap on a single speed no less! Kylie McAvoy, Kendra Wells, Anne Cornford, Merryl King, Jenny Carroll (4th, Women's 6's), Francis LeBrun (5th Open Men's 4's) Full Race Report

2010 DT Swiss Mountains to beach: Stage win for Andy Blair & second overall! Brad Morton (4th), Nic Menager (5th), Nick Both (9th) after 5 days racing. Blair Race Report

2009 World Solo 24hr, Canada. mcAvoy 09 worlds mcAvoy 09 worlds mcAvoy 09 worlds Jason McAvoy, runner up in category and 9th overall. Despite a broken wrist sustained only a week before the event, Jason showed amazing courage to push his body to the limit and beyond. A phenomenal performance and an inspiration to us all. Jason runs the Podda4L's, giving him all the light he needs and then some! Jason's night lap stats show he was approximately 10min per lap faster than the closest challengers. A sequence of images capturing what 24Hr endurance racing is all about. First we have Jason at the start, then the pain as he is negotiating another climb, followed by a quick transition for some food, words of encouragement, and finally, when its all over, sweet !

[Race stats (external)] Thanks to Russell Baker and Adam McGrath for the pics.

Mont 2009 WIN: at Scott Australian 24Hr MTB Championships, Canberra. Meg Chalker, Meg Ross, Sara Hely and Trudy Nicholas win women's 4's at Sparrow Hill. "the girls were outta control'' said one fellow competitor. This aptly describes the effort put in by the entire team, in pulling together to bring it home. They ran their RAD3L and PODDA 4L's performing faultlessly throughout the night laps, as one has come to expect from these beauties !

2009 Scott24Hr:Wins for Shaun Lewis (Elite Men's 4's), James McAvoy, Nick Menager and Brad Morton (3's). Trudy Nicholas, 2nd (Solo Women) in her first solo. James Lamb, Charli McCabe, Brodie Pearse and Matt Reekie, 3rd (Mixed 4's)

The fantastic MumNuts (Kendra Wells, Nicole Paterson, Ann Cornford, Merryl King, Kylie McAvoy, Jenny Carroll), 2nd (women's 6's) !

Matt Young win in Corporate Elite (Crown Plaza Elite: Ian Mitchell, Chris Abell, Bec Henderson, Kooga Howland, Mariusz Tymosiewicz)

Full Report and pics

Megan Ross and Meg Chalker win marathon (women) at Scott Australian 24Hr MTB Championships, Canberra. scott2008 winners scott2008 winners Despite an interrupted preparation, the dynamic duo of Megan Ross and Meg Chalker took out the event in style, riding away from the competition during the night !


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