Radical Lights

Powerful, easy-to-use lighting with pleasing beams that won’t tire your eyes. Light up your ride™

CONGRATULATIONS to Cory Wallace on winning a phenomenal 5th World Solo 24hr Championship title in a row — fueled by the formidable power of Radical Lights!

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Running radical-lights in each of my 5 World Solo 24 hour Championship wins has been a huge advantage as the powerful light allows me to ride the trails as fast as I do in the daylight hours.

The powerful beams from my radical-lights makes riding through the night very easy on the eyes, allowing all the energy to go into the legs to chase down the competition.

Cory Wallace, World Solo 24hr Champ - 2017, 2018, 2019, 2022, 2023
radical lights
radical lights
Enhance your cycling experience with the Radical Lights Podda, where innovation meets style and performance. Illuminate your trail with confidence, and enjoy a relaxed, more enjoyable ride.
Updated for 2024, featuring an intermediate beam pattern. Our cutting-edge lighting solution provides a seamless and enjoyable riding experience, with smooth, even beams and an enhanced focus area for optimal performance.

Why radical-lights?

Pound for pound, most powerful bike lights available. Fastest lap times are proof!
Aviation-grade, race-proven technology with a track record of success, including numerous victories in 24hr World Championships, XC races, and endurance racing.
Ultra lightweight
From 94g (light and carbon mount)
Custom beam for racing, 5 levels, limitless adjustable mount
Trail ready
Better color definition, pleasing, even beam patterns
Microprocessor controlled, long battery life
Easy use
Exquisite, CNC machined, featuring a streamlined single-button interface.
Protected investment
Handbuilt, upgradeable systems to keep pace with technology
Lifetime warranty
Register your system for a lifetime* warranty

...man are these things sexy. The system is so light weight that at first I thought the battery was missing! These guys don't miss any detail when it comes to setting up lighting for solo24's

Jon, USA

On twisty singletrack I found myself descending faster with this [radical] light than any of the others on the test. The Niteflux, Lumicycle and Lupine came close but this beam pattern was clearly the least straining in the twisty stuff, and to me that says a lot about the lighting game - it's beam quality for a particular application, not sheer quantity.

John Hardwick, Mountain Bike Australia

I didn't get a full appreciation for how bright the lights are, and for how well suited the beam patterns are for railing singletrack, until I was actually out there *racing*, at full speed. They are unlike anything I have ever ridden with. The difference compared to all the other riders I was passing out there was quite noticeable. Some people moved over for me WAAAAAY before I was anywhere near them, that's how bright they were. I had to tell a couple of them "not yet, I'm not even close!"

Scott, USA

Our top recorded speed was 60 miles per hour, in the pitch dark of the desert night. The confidence and safety I was afforded with my Podda ensured I would not need my brakes on any of the downhills.

Dallas, Canada